About JC Finley

JC Finley is a freelance journalist whose writing about world affairs has been published extensively, including more than 2,500 articles by the Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, United Press International (UPI).  Ms. Finley’s feature articles for UPI have included interviews with heads of state, U.S. policymakers and United Nations officials. She also conducted an exclusive video interview with a former U.S. soldier fighting the Islamic State in Syria and reported on an ISIL-launched chemical attack in Kobane. 

As a Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Department of State from 2007 to 2013, Ms. Finley focused on Middle East and North African issues, and served at U.S. Missions in Iraq and Tunisia. Her work tracking, analyzing and assessing political and security dynamics primarily in the Middle East and North Africa garnered her five exceptional performance awards. 

Ms. Finley holds a MA (Honors) in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and a BA in Government from Smith College. She is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha.

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